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Startup Services

We possess tech skills from multiple domains along with well-oiled development processes that help us pull off projects of any complexity.


We’ll help create ideas for potential scalable products or service ideas for a given target market. We can help brainstorm initial ideas on how your tech project could create value.
We can help define the mission and vision of the project with an initial strategy, as well as maps of and plans to reach key milestones in the first few years.
MVP / Validate (or pivot)
Our teams are comprised of committed bunches of people who share balanced skills, visions, values, and attitudes related to the production of excellent results. We are able to develop service versions of projects with our committed resources, and our team cohesion can also allow us to work with any existing project you may have.
At this stage, we iterate and test the specific project to find the best way to implement tried and true ideas and guarantee initial user growth and/or revenue. Initial Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are identified at this stage.
Focus on KPI based measurable growth in users, customers and revenues and/or market traction & market share in an already big or fast-growing target market. Additionalhiring, quality improvement, and process implementation also take place during this stage.
We can help your startup achieve great and continuing growth through the use of careful planning

Technology stacks for startups

Mobile Apps
React Native, PhoneGap, Native IOS, Native Android
Front End
Reactjs, Angularjs, Vuejs
Back End
Java stack, .Net stack, JS stack
PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL
Serverless microservices oriented architecture, Monolithic Architecture
Cloud Solutions
AWS, Azure

Our Approach

Our experts know the importance of getting results as soon as possible, so we work fast and prioritize key points to ensure you see your product as it blooms. We always have the future on our minds, so our solutions are scalable and receive post-release support.
Budget-friendly solutions
We know how difficult and costly it can be to develop a startup, which is why we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of the results we deliver. We optimize solutions to be efficient and beneficial to you.
Application maintenance and support
We think it’s not enough to only develop a website or piece of software, our team pledges to make working with it convenient for you and/or your customers. You can be sure you’re getting top-notch support, buoyed by comprehensive testing plans and extensive troubleshooting.
Technical range
We devote substantial resources to all outsourcing for startups and our pricing models are flexible. This means that even if your project grows in scope quite a bit, we can still take it on without any downtime or scrambling to find the staff for it.
Lean Startup mind
We know how tough it can be to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration. Therefore, we are ready to be flexible and adapt to the development of your business.
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