Midsize Company

Our team is ready to make and deploy native, web, and hybrid custom-made business IT solutions.



We work with a variety of tools and can create high-load systems, websites, and any other kind of product that your business needs to get a healthy boost.

Mobile Apps development and improvements

Our experts take on the duties of creating concepts, designing, and actually coding the app, compatible with all popular OSs and platforms.

Full stack Web development

Our experts can choose the right direction for your product development, utilizing the best practices and applying the latest technology advancements. Proper technology stack choice provides simple implementation solutions even for your most sophisticated ideas.

Cloud solutions development

We’re ready to conduct cloud solutions development, build from nothing or transfer a pre-existing infrastructure to the new format. Plus, our team does extensive testing to determine whether the cloud is the right choice for you and how best to use it.

QA / Automation QA

Our QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information.

UI/UX services

It’s important for a startup to grab the target audience’s attention as fast as possible. Our team takes care of the frontend and design down to the smallest details, optimizing it to the best of our abilities.

Technical support for business

Regardless of the service you need, TechStack is ready to offer support and maintenance, upgrading systems, giving consultations, and providing customer support day-to-day.


Capabilities of our development

Mobile Apps development and improvements

Android, iOS, React Native, Cordova

Full stack Web development

Java, .Net, JS - Stacks

Database setup, audit, scaling and optimizations

Java stack, .Net stack, JS stack

Devops and cloud (CI, CD, troubleshooting)

AWS, Azure, Kubernates, Jenkins


Our Benefits


We prioritize trust and collaboration, which lets us keep you up to date on the progress and respond promptly to your input.


Each member’s skillset is unique and teamwork is our core value. As our experts come together to refine your solution, you will see the real value of teamwork between devoted professionals.

Exceptional quality

Our team of testers will not rest until they find and eliminate all bugs in the project, providing you with a complete and polished final product.

IP protection & security

We’re concerned with security and protecting intellectual rights and more than willing to work under non-disclosure agreements that ensure the confidentiality of the project.


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