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A backend for desktop applications

About the product
A set of desktop utilities and graphic editors under a single brand

What we did:

The product is used by millions of subscribers, and the whole backend was designed to handle the high load. The backend services are handling the majority of business flows, such as licensing, authorization, data management, AI, etc. The service development is based on Scrum and other agile techniques we’ve been using for more than 5 years. Microservices architecture was chosen as a foundation. As it grew, the infrastructure improved.
Currently, we have achieved the following results:
- We have implemented a CQRS pattern - We have made the infrastructure fully auto-scalable - We have introduced development by microservices
We have covered the system with unit, integration, and auto-tests, which unlocked continuous delivery.

Technology used:

Node.js, AWS ECS, AWS Aurora, AWS Lambda, AWS Redshift, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline
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