About Us

We are a team of ambitious and energetic IT professionals. Our philosophy is total IT service. Whatever business or idea for one you may have, the TechStack team is committed to delivering the best final product possible.

A few facts about us

Our company was founded by engineers.
That is exactly why we clearly understand how necessary it is to draw a detailed plan in order to maximally focus on the product performance.
Focused on your product
Our team of highly responsible specialists work tirelessly and with great dedication to create business advantages for our clients.
Healthy workplace environment
We have created a comfortable environment for our employees. This means that they can focus on your results.
Our developers are part of your team. We put the needs and goals of your business first — because your success is our success.
Core Skills
Our company consists of the best specialists who build, respect and improve the development process.



Education Events

Knowledge is meant for sharing, so we organize events for our community and try to make a contribution to its development.
We use all the resources our employees need for their development. Our library is available to all employees of the company and is open for new suggestions and desires.
Loyalty system
In our company, a loyalty program is available, any of the employees can go to development courses, conferences on their specialization and we will cover their costs.


Global Event
We organize events for the entire company, our employees have the opportunity not only to take a little rest, but also to share experience with other specialists.
We believe that an effective team is such only when it is united, and we do everything to make that our reality.
Happy hour
From time to time we treat our employees to theme parties and treats.
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