Service-Oriented Approach

Don't waste your time on minutiae. Be focused on your business domain, spend your creativity for your best ideas, and let our team take care of the rest. When IT servs you, everything is possible.

Service-Orientated Approach
Full Stack Development


Maintaining high professional standarts, when it is arranged properly, makes a solution development fun and comfortable. We believe this is a key to go above and beyond.

Full Stack Development

IT industry is like an ocean nowadays: even if you need just a simple business card website, you may be lost in variety of technologies, plenty of tools, and diversity of approaches.
Our experts can choose right direction for your product development, utilizing the best practices and applying the latest technology advancements.
Proper technology stack choice provides simple solution even for super sophisticated ideas.


Equip your business with technology

Interactive Front Ends

Interactive Front Ends

Making web pages more interactive and user interfaces more intuitive makes users feel more comfortable on your web site. Content sliders, tabbed panels, real time data sorting, filtering, and refreshing, animation, forms validation – all those small UI improvements bring significant improvement of your product user experience. To be modern is easy!

Canvas, D3.js, Bootstrap 3, Ionic, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Socket.IO

High Performance Applications

High Performance Applications

Performance is one of key factors for business success. That has been proved numerous times by our customers achievements. TechStack team is kept focused on such aspects of business application development as continuous availability, failure events tolerance, easy scalling up.

Golang, Node.js, Python (Tornado), signalR, etc

High-Loaded Back Ends

High-Loaded Back Ends

Never worry about hitting a speed bump. Your application audience may grow drastically, and you can be always sure of zero downtime and fast response of your application.

Databases (MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL), caches (Redis, Memcached), Queues (RabbitMQ)

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions become a standard in IT business. They allow of compute resources consuming as a utility. There is no need to build and maintain IT infrastructure. Environment for your product may be scaled up and down dynamically based on the business and technical conditions. And you pay only per use! Cloud solutions substantiate software as a service delivery model introducing its benefits to your business: global accessibility, automatic and simultaneous user base updates, easy administration and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, DigitalOcean, etc.


You load - we shoot

TechStack aims to provide clients with turnkey solutions in a shortest time. Our approach is based on a top down focus through the services stack allowing us to enable clients’ business goals with IT capabilities.

TechStack provides the following services:

  • custom software development that includes web, mobile, desktop, and Metro applications, high-loaded back ends, interactive front ends, cloud solutions, Big Data support;
  • software support that includes tuning, optimization, bug fixing, integration, and deployment;
  • business intelligence that includes data mining, analytics, real time reporting;
  • software testing and quality control that includes functional and non-functional, regression, smoke and sanity, integration, performance and load, usability, and automated testing;
  • software requirements engineering that includes business domain analysis, feasibility expertise, software requirements specification, software and UI/UX design.


Got a biz idea? We have a tech solution!

We are a team of ambisious and energetic IT professionals. Our philosophy is total IT service. Whatever biz idea you have, TechStack team is committed to delivery the best solution possible. It`s like a gun: you just load - we shoot. Do it right: be serviced well and enjoy your satisfaction.

  • Clients satisfaction level 100%
  • Support 100%
  • Warranty 100%

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